Dick Weekley has been good for Texas

There is one person in Houston well known by the business community but that whom the large majority of Texans do not know.  They should.

He is Dick Weekly.  Dick is more responsible for the great economy we have in Texas than any other person save those that developed the fracking process.  Dick Weekly, Hugh Rice Kelly and Richard Trabulsi, Jr. founded Texans for Lawsuit Reform in 1995.  Since then through his drive and persistence, working with the Governor and the legislature he succeeded in placing a cap on punitive damage awards in lawsuits which of course was resisted by trial lawyers every step of the way.  This cap brought doctors and industry to Texas which continues to this day in setting the stage for today’s exploding growth.  Fourteen hundred people move to Texas each day.

But rather than rest on his laurels feeling his job was completed, the modest Dick Weekly has never stopped. His group since has monitored every bill that goes through the Texas House to verify that the progress he brought about will continue into the future.  Texans for Lawsuit Reform’s influence has grown to the extent that those filing a bill today check with his group before doing so because they know he stands with the citizens of Texas.

And to further benefit us all he and his group have worked tirelessly to see that those who are elected to office in Texas every two years share his and the public’s view on lawsuit reform.

As others have, each one of us in our wonderful state should also say “Thank you Dick”.

Vern Wuensche (win-she)

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