Eliminating ISIS Terrorists in a Safer More Effective Way

Symmetrical warfare using our massed forces to defeat our enemy’s massed forces has been the hallmark of America’s military since our country’s founding.

However, beginning with the Vietnam War, our military was forced into a type of asymmetrical warfare, using our massed troops to kill enemies one by one in their dense jungles, and more recently by kicking in doors in Iraq and Afghanistan. This type of warfare places our brave soldiers in extraordinary danger while yielding only a small number of the enemy exterminated in the process.  Yes, war is hell and our soldiers know the level of danger.  Yet to preserve and protect our freedom and way of life it is not in America’s interest to expose more American soldiers to death and dismemberment than is absolutely necessary. Continue reading

President Obama: Release Sargent Tahmooressi Today!

A mother has a son in a Mexican prison because he was honest about several weapons in his vehicle after making a wrong turn on a poorly marked street at the Mexican border.  The son served honorably as a Marine in both Iraq and Afghanistan and now has PTSD.  Sargent Tahmooressi has been in that prison for SIX MONTHS!  If Ronald Reagan or for that matter either of the Presidents Bush were in office he would have been released in less than 24 hours. Yet President Obama trades five terrorists for an individual in our military who it is said by a number of credible individuals was a deserter.  And our liberal lawyer President further says  “he is waiting on due process” OF A FOREIGN POWER!  I wonder how long the process would take if it was one of HIS daughters that was in a Mexican prison.

Harris County (Houston) Opens New Republican Party Headquarters

Paul Simpson, Harris County’s new Republican Party chairman ramrodded the opening of the new headquarters in Northwest Houston last Saturday with state chairman Steve Munisteri, Congressman Kevin Brady, Congressman John Culberson, At large city Councilman Jack Christie and a host of many other Harris County officials. One public official there gave Paul the ultimate compliment. He told me “Paul works hard, does a good job but it is not about him”.20140920_16452520140920_155330 Paul Simpson with Congressman John Culberson20140920_164504Congressman Kevin Brady is up for Chairman of the House Powerful Ways and Means Committee. Congressman Paul Ryan is also competing for the chairmanship but will likely run for the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. Showing his loyalty to the Republican Party Congressman Brady contributed one million dollars of his own money to help Republicans this year. 20140920_155100State Chairman Steve Munisteri 20140920_160911 I had the pleasure of visiting again with my long time friend, At Large Councilman Jack Christie. Jack and I had the wonderful experience of together attending the inauguration of President Ronald Reagan in 1980. Jack, a business conservative, is strongly considering entering the race to be Houston’s new Mayor.

Achieving Results

Achieving results in any endeavor requires you to perform four sequential steps: you must first PLAN, then ORGANIZE, then DIRECT and finally CONTROL the result to make sure everything happens as planned.

Any parent running a household does this. Businesses MUST do this to survive. And our federal government should do this also. But it seldom does.

Any parent considering a vacation must plan who will go, where to go, how long to stay, and what to take. He or she must then organize who is to be responsible for what and direct them to do it. And finally he or she must control the result by verifying among many other things that tickets are in hand, the right stuff is loaded up and gas is in the car.

Any business must plan what products to produce, the sources of materials and who will produce them. It must then organize obtaining the materials, having the people available to produce them and directing them to do it. And finally it must control that the products are of high quality and make certain they are produced efficiently enough to allow a profit for the business so it can sustain its owner or shareholders and be around over the long term to service them.

Our government should follow this same universal procedure but rarely does. It almost always fails on three of the four steps. To see this in spades one need look no further than the scandal in the Veterans Administration. At that agency it apparently neither planned nor organized to prevent the creation of a corrupt system which reported dishonest wait times of our veterans to the American public. For years. It did direct well in writing checks. But the government’s control in making certain of good and timely care for these veterans and preventing financial fraud did not exist. Continue reading

Mr. Obama when will you learn?

Last night President Obama laid out his much delayed plan to eliminate our latest terrorist threat.
Only a few sentences into his speech he reconfirmed his plan to bring home ALL of our troops from Afghanistan. Does this Harvard trained lawyer ever learn?
Our military leaders begged him to leave 15,000 to 20,000 troops in Iraq after 4,000 brave American soldiers lost their lives bringing near stability to Iraq. He made little effort to do so and removed ALL troops. Iraq’s prime minister Nouri al-Maliki , a Shite, took advantage of the situation and purged Sunnis from his government and withdrew his support from others. He also established closer ties with Shite Iran who are, as we spea, developing a nuclear weapon.
These same Sunnis are now fighting and supporting ISIS, today, our very dangerous mortal enemy.
. . . After World War II we left thousands of troops in Germany to act as a trip wire in the event of an incursion of Russian troops. It has worked for 60 years. After the Korean War we left 37,000 troops in South Korea for the same reason. Which has also worked and created a prosperous country for them.
We are now reentering Iraq because of his misjudgment. We may later be forced to do so also in Afghanistan. FOR THE SAME REASON!
Does the man ever learn?

To make us safer America must demonstrate its power

The world views America as weak. Because we have a very weak leader. A demonstration of American military power is urgently necessary. No, not boots on the ground, but a demonstration of our capability and overwhelming superiority in military technology.

The American public is tired of seeing our brave soldiers come home, without arms and legs, or with mental difficulties or in a casket. But it does want America to be respected in the world. Because without it they instinctively know we will continue to live in a world that is the tinderbox it has now become under the lack of leadership of President Obama. Continue reading

Liberals: Look in the mirror to see the real inequality . . .

Federal Inequality

“Despite long-running problems, the Veterans Administration has fired a grand total of three senior executives for performance in the last five years–one-forth the federal average for terminations. Last year, the Office of Personnel Management disclosed that about 0.47 percent of the federal workforce was terminated for cause, considerably below the 3 percent fired in the private sector. Continue reading

Greg Abbott Our Next Governor

Greg Abbott completes hard hitting speech against President Obama at the Texas Republican Convention. Its thousands of delegates, larger than the national convention, showed their approval.

As a lawyer Greg Abbott is among the best. As Attorney General he uses his considerable legal skills to help each of us by aligning himself with dozens of other Attorneys General from other states to stop President Obama’s foolish and often unlawful conduct.

Vern Wuensche win-she

President Obama Cares Little for Our Troops

It is becoming quite apparent that President Obama and his administration care little for the military or its members.

We have a Marine who apparently took a wrong turn in Mexico and was arrested and has been in one of Mexico’s most brutal prisons for six weeks.

Secretary of State John Kerry was in Mexico yesterday and did not even mention him.  When later asked he said that Mexico had to handle its laws as it normally did—rather than insist that right be done for a hurting one of America’s troops—or else.

Vern Wuensche  (win-she)