Vern Wuensche

Vern Wuensche



Entered the University of Texas in Austin with $400.00 and no chance of a loan or family support and obtained a BBA in accounting and an MBA in management, graduating first in class.  He subsequently obtained a CPA certificate.

His Master’s thesis equivalent was “The Inference Process in Interpersonal Perception a Managerial Oriented Study”.  It dealt with every human’s bias in what each perceives each day versus what is really true.  This knowledge allows him to personally adjust for any of his own perceptual biases to arrive at better decisions.

A graduate school course trained him in the process of good decision-making.

His use of the Lumosity brain development program for many years allowed him to regularly evaluate his brain development. Below is a comparison of  his current percent rank with millions of other users:

Overall                         98.6

Speed                           99.2

Memory                        96.1

Attention                      98.2

Flexibility                      96.3

Problem Solving          95.6

Math                            91.6

His mind is analytical, strategic, and conceptual, viewing everything broadly.  Despite this broad orientation, he spent each day for forty-three years primarily focused on the details of construction to control the quality of the homes and other projects that he constructed.

Has the common sense obtained from growing up on a farm plus running a construction business.


Has run every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday without a miss and without stopping within a run for sixteen years.

Each year regularly runs 100 yard dashes.  His best time last year was 23.17 seconds.

Was a marathon pioneer in 1970 and 1971, running the 26 mile length of Galveston Island before the popularity of current marathons.

Attended every class in high school except to attend his grandmother’s funeral.

Only missed a few classes while at the University of Texas and then not for sickness.

In his first year in business, he was off two days each month, running the business during the week and selling out of his model home garage on the weekend.

Never missed a day of work when employed or when running his business because of sickness.

Only sickness in fifty years was the flu, likely twenty years ago, and more recently a mild cold.

Takes no medications.

Has had three surgeries: hernia, cataract, and noncancer prostate.



Is a serious Christian who has attended Missouri Synod Lutheran churches very regularly every Sunday all his life, other than previously online because of Covid.

Was Treasurer in one Missouri Synod Lutheran church and an Elder in two others, one for twenty years.


Living in a Business and Social Environment

With $6,000, founded and continuously ran Houston’s oldest residential construction company for forty-three years.

No lawsuit alleging poor construction quality was filed against his company for forty-three years.  It was rarely ever necessary to correct even minor construction flaws in his homes.

His safety record was virtually perfect.  One concrete finisher burned a leg while finishing concrete because of failing boots, and another worker cut himself with a razor blade while cutting protective plastic in forty-three years.

Developed the toughness and agility that any small business owner short of funds must have to maintain product quality despite the temptation to cut corners to survive.

Successfully running a residential construction company for forty-three years trained him to easily connect with all manner of people, whether a just beginning young construction worker or a locally or nationally prominent wealthy businessman or businesswoman.

Ran for President of the United States in 2008, directly meeting over 6,000 small business owners face to face in 242 towns and cities in Iowa and New Hampshire over a total of 100 days, spending a total of $36,159.  He placed tenth in both races.

After Obama’s destruction of the economy, which affected his business and having only $10,000, in 2012, he ran for President again for a shorter time, placing seventh in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Has worked in Republican politics in Harris County, Houston, on campaigns of every kind for fifty years. Has attended every Texas Republican State Convention except two for fifty years, usually as a state delegate.

Knocked on over 10,000 doors for a Congressional candidate in the 2020 election.

Was a member of the United States Army Reserve during the Viet Nam war.

He genuinely likes all kinds of people.  He views each person as having a unique value plus often having an interesting story to tell.



Vern Wuensche was born in the tiny farming community of McDade in central Texas, the third son of a handyman carpenter with a second-grade education who worked for Elgin Butler Brick Company. His mother was a farm girl and later a homemaker who was employed at Travis State School working in the laundry.  She completed the eighth grade.

Vern completed McDade Elementary and then graduated from Elgin High School in 1963.   In the fall, he entered The University of Texas at Austin, obtaining a BBA in accounting in 1967 and an MBA in management in 1968, graduating first in his class.

Following graduation—after a stint with the United States Army Reserve—he worked first as an auditor for Arthur Andersen & Co. and then as a tax consultant for Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co.   Later, he was employed with a series of smaller companies first as a cost accountant for a bag manufacturer, then as assistant controller for an oilfield company, and finally as a local controller for several national residential homebuilders. He received his CPA certificate in 1975.

Together with his brother, he founded his own company Woodmark Homes, Inc. in May of 1975 with $6,000.00, few contacts, and little chance to borrow any additional capital.  His company survived, grew, and made substantial profits in its third year in 1978.   Following 1979’s downturn, he had his first experience with our dysfunctional legal system, where he spent four years pursuing a dishonest individual, obtaining a settlement equal to the cost of his lawyer.  From this experience, he learned that there was little apparent benefit in pursuing justice or in using the courts to recover funds taken from his company.   This was the beginning of a difficult forty-five-year struggle to survive his construction business without a functioning legal system.  The true nature of it neither protected him nor his business from continuing and regular outrageous personal and financial assaults.  Where each assault was worse than the previous.

Following the last such assault in 2003, he formed Legal Reform Now! as a part of Texans for Efficiency in Government, Inc., which he had founded in 1990, and through it to make transparent the true nature of our nation’s legal system.  So Americans could see for themselves the self-serving nature of a closed system of lawyers and judges, many of whom in administering the legal process, ignore their responsibility to obtain justice.

And yet despite the continuing assaults, Vern Wuensche’s company Woodmark has had some proud moments.  It has been recognized for building a number of award-winning projects for prominent Houston clients.  To mention one, a 6,000 square foot home built for a nationally prominent individual was one of seven projects in Texas to receive a design award from the Texas Society of Architects.  An unsuccessful competitor on this project later built the home of President George H. W. Bush.

After that, his focus for the following twenty-plus years was  Woodmark Kitchen and Bath, Inc., a renovator of kitchens and baths throughout the Houston area.  Ninety percent of its work came from referrals or previously satisfied customers.

. . . Vern has had varied experiences and pursuits:

Vern grew up on a farm working for others picking cotton at age eight, hoeing peanuts, and hauling hay—and raising vegetables and his own hogs for sale.

Vern, As a pro se non-lawyer, handled all aspects of a complicated four-year, three-party case in State District Court, ending in a jury trial he requested.   The case involved land which had been in his family’s possession since the land was deeded to his distant grandfather by Sam Houston.  Through this experience, he learned from the inside how poorly lawyers and lawyer-judges operate in failing to deliver justice in our courts.

Vern in 2007 authored a book Overcoming Legal Abuse as an American Entrepreneur where through his thirty-two years of experience with our nation’s legal system as a residential building entrepreneur, he illuminated its flaws while providing a large number of creative solutions to fix it.  The book is available on

Vern has been involved as a hands-on manager in building volume homes and custom homes, and renovating homes, plus kitchen and bath remodeling projects.  Over the years he has learned home and kitchen and bath design—and except for having skills in electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning—he is fully capable of building entire projects himself.

Vern is also a self-taught designer of high-ranking websites, doing the research, writing, design, publishing, and search engine optimization, which has generally resulted in a first-page position for pertinent major search terms.

Vern was an early marathoner, twice running the distance of Galveston island in the early 1970s.  He has continued this distance running regularly all his life.

Vern is also a Christian who is serious about his faith.  He has regularly attended Missouri Synod Lutheran churches all his life.  In college, he served as treasurer at University Lutheran Church in Austin. After college, he served on the finance board at St. Marks Lutheran Church in Houston. He has been a member of Missouri Synod Lutheran churches in Houston for fifty-two years, serving as an Elder in two of them for over twenty-one years.  He has attended Lutheran churches each Sunday all of his life.

Vern Wuensche has been active in Texas politics continuously since 1972.   As an eleven-year-old, he hung bell-shaped door hangers on doors in McDade, Texas, for Eisenhower in 1956.   During the last forty-nine years, he has worked on campaigns of every type.   He has attended all Republican conventions except two, usually as a state delegate.   With this broad and varied experience, he has obtained an in-depth understanding of the political process.   And he has been a life-long student of the presidency, with a particular focus on presidential campaigns.

In February 2007, he filed for the Republican nomination for President of the United States to show that someone with an average background—having little money—could do reasonably well against those who were nationally known and had many millions of dollars.   And if things fell well into place for him, maybe much better than reasonably well.

In the 2008 Iowa Caucuses, Senator John McCain placed fourth; Wuensche placed tenth.   In the New Hampshire Primary, John McCain won; Wuensche placed tenth—three places behind Congressman Duncan Hunter, who spent $2.5 million plus having a year of national television exposure in the media and the debates. Wuensche defeated Congressman Thomas Tancredo, Senator Sam Brownback, Governor Tommy Thompson, and Governor James Gilmore, all of who quit before the Iowa Caucuses.   Tancredo had spent as much as $7,000,000 on the race.  In directly meeting over 6,000 small business owners face to face in 242 towns and cities in Iowa and New Hampshire over a total of 100 days, as a political entrepreneur Wuensche had spent a total of $36,159.

In 2012 with the habits of a small businessman of standing his ground and adapting and moving forward, following his run for President in 2008, he ran again.  But with the 2008 Obama election, the economy had tanked, and his small business and many others had its revenue cut in half, so cash was tight.  He used frequent flyer miles accumulated over many years and performed the construction labor himself on one job to obtain the last $3,000 necessary to run.  Spending $10,000 among serious candidates, he placed seventh in both the Iowa Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary.  He ended his campaign with $400 remaining with credit cards maxed out and no other sources of cash.   One small construction project which he had set up to start a week later allowed him to begin the road back.

The point he believed he successfully made in both runs is that if enough people of average means and abilities would run for any public office, by the simple law of probability, our nation would almost certainly elect better leaders who would have the public’s interest at heart.

Since then, despite President Obama’s sorry record on the economy, he fully recovered and built back his business.  In 2018 he discontinued taking contracts for his business to focus more on political pursuits.

In 2018 he founded to be used as a tool in recruiting a Republican farm team to run against incumbent Democrats in races throughout Texas. From county constables to District Court judges to United States Senators.  The website listed all Democrat incumbents in these races making Republicans aware of the opportunity to step up and run against them.  But although he had been successful earlier in using Google to obtain indexing for the sites he designed, Google would not index this conservative Republican site in any numbers.  A harbinger of things to come where today, looking back, their behavior is no surprise.  Although upward of a hundred candidates stepped up, the site was unsuccessful.

In 2020 he knocked on over 10,000 doors for a Congressional candidate in the 2020 election.  Some were during the Covid 19 period making the process even more difficult.

During and since that time, he has written thirty-two articles for from a conservative perspective and has been published in USA Today and other newspapers in a number of states.

Currently he has been searching for a way for regular Americans to push back against the totalitarian direction of our Democrat-run country.

Vern Wuensche has lived in the Memorial area of Houston for fifty-four years.