My Speech to the Iowa Caucus in 2012: Little Has Changed

Thanks for attending the Caucus.

I am Vern Wuensche pronounced as win she. From Houston.  I grew up on a farm in the small Texas town near Austin called McDade.  My father was a handyman at a brick plant my mother worked in a laundry.

I worked my way thru the University of Texas in Austin receiving a BBA in accounting and an MBA in management, graduating first in my class.  I hold a CPA certificate.

After being an auditor with several Big 8 CPA firms and controller of several homebuilding companies, with $6,000, I started my own residential construction company and have survived it for 35 years to become Houston’s third oldest. One unsuccessful competitor on a home I built later built the home of the elder George Bush.

While running my business I worked in politics and studied the presidency for 40 years. I became somewhat of an expert on presidential politics. And those 40 years taught me that business people who are continually trained to make better and better decisions make the BEST public officials.

Which is why I ran for the Republican nomination for President in 2008. I spent 50 days visiting 3,000 businesses in 142 towns in 79 counties in your state, did similarly in New Hampshire and placed tenth in both your state and New Hampshire.

Most voters I met were simply looking for a candidate possessing the personal qualities to improve their lives.

Business owners are trained to make a decision, monitor how good it is and then continually modify it to make it better. Politicians, on the other hand, make a decision and then despite all evidence to the contrary defend it to the death—much like the trial lawyers many of them are, who of course are trained to never admit error in a courtroom.

For business owners the key to staying in business for many years is making GOOD decisions which satisfy customers. Good decisions are based on three things: a person’s values, their decision making skill, and being right on the issues. 

When push comes to shove VALUES are ALWAYS the basis of good decisions, while SKILL in making decisions comes from training and much practice. And being CORRECT on the issues requires using the common sense that most of us have –which our current president lacks.  It would be nice if our president quit treating us simply as TAXPAYERS and started treating us as CUSTOMERS of the government.

I am a serious pro life CHRISTIAN and a CONSTITUTIONAL, FREE MARKET, LIMITED-GOVERNMENT, CONSERVATIVE I have disliked BIG government bureaucracies all my life. It is visceral with me. If elected I will eliminate departments, streamline systems and WILL shrink the government.

While I am shrinking departments I will expand our technology and increase our energy supplies to create growth, and be someone with a spine of steel working in yours and America’s interests.

Those of you with internet access with you can see a bullet point list of my positions on 97 issues at

Performing as your President in these hard times would fit my lifetime of experience of using a little to make a lot, not unlike many of you.

In the 50’s I grew up with a ranch phone where our ring on a party line was two longs and a short. Thru the switchboard we could reach all 250 people in the town. TODAY most of us have small smart phones which can reach anyone, anywhere and access most the world’s knowledge plus do 1000 other things by adding aps.

Americans in 50 years, despite being sandbagged by an ever growing government, by starting with a little technology . . . created a lot.

If we can remain unbending social conservatives and keep government out of the way we can take this new LITTLE today to an unimaginable LOT 50 years from now. And the prosperity this expanding technology will bring will solve most of America’s problems.

I ask for your vote in the Caucus. Let’s take back America!

God bless all of you

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