Government Reform

Reduce government spending

Reduce the number of government regulations

Require Tenth Amendment basis for all laws passed by Congress

Begin repeal of past laws having no Tenth Amendment basis

Allow a new President to replace 10% of non military Civil Service workers

Require government departments to expire after a fixed time unless renewed

Institute term limits on congressmen

Eliminate lobbying by former government officials

Eliminate campaign finance laws

Require contributions to candidates to be disclosed weekly

Require voter identification to vote

Require citizen and government worker to be under same laws

Eliminate the seizure of private property for economic development

Require union member consent for expenditures of dues

Eliminate affirmative action as one part of government reform

Allow private Social Security investment accounts

Require prisoners to work to learn new skills and discipline and to reduce cost

Encourage the death penalty in all the states

Enact term limits on judges

Require judges to interpret law rather than make law

Impeach judges who go outside their constitutional mandate



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