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American Solutions

     none easy             many difficult              none impossible

                                               THE ECONOMY

Support small business which creates sixty-four percent of all jobs and represents ninety percent of all businesses. Having a love for their country and of better character than the weak woke running major corporations, small business owners are building a greater America.

Provide an incoming President with the ability to reduce the nonmilitary, nonsecurity government workforce by ten percent or some other percent approved by Congress.

Immediately eliminate the Department of Education and transfer their seventy billion dollar budget to the individual states to assist in school choice.

Set sunset limits of five years on all 450 government departments requiring them to prove the necessity of their existence. In the interim, eliminate six regulations for every government regulation passed. And honor the Tenth Amendment to our Constitution by, over time, transferring all necessary government functions to the states.

Create a government department composed solely of vetted private businesses tasked solely with locating monetary corruption and fraud in government departments and agencies. Set an attractive finders fee with the financial findings reviewed and certified by Congress. Distribute proceeds found, paying the finders their portion, and dividing the remainder equally between taxpayers and Social Security & Medicare.

Pass a constitutional amendment limiting the terms of members of the U. S. House of Representatives to three two-year terms and members of the U. S. Senate to two four-year terms. All incumbents would be grandfathered to make passage possible.

Ban any lobbying from former members of Congress or Cabinet officials for life.

Cut taxes to increase productivity in all sectors of the economy.



Eliminate cashless bail.

Enact legislation requiring an automatic life sentence without parole, or a death penalty in some states allowing it, for anyone convicted of killing a member of the police force.

Enact legislation mandating a five-year sentence on repeat offenders after they have committed a specified number of repeat offenses.

Enact legislation requiring a mandatory five-year sentence for anyone convicted of brandishing a weapon threateningly in a public place with the intent to harm others.

Require an automatic recall election of any prosecutor with a specified percentage of his convictions being repeat offenders.

Enact legislation doubling all statutory penalties currently in place on federal crimes.

Enact legislation making it a felony for those convicted of impeding an honest election.



Send the U. S. military to eliminate the flow of immigrants across our Southern border. Immediately begin building the wall.

After the border is secure, require immigrants desiring to work in the U. S. to purchase a bond guaranteeing an exit from America after ending their contract work period. Upon their failure to exit, escrow forfeited bond proceeds for the benefit of border patrol agents.



Eliminate immediately all but the most necessary regulations and impediments in producing fossil fuels. Initiate an almost Manhattan Project to obtain energy independence again and reduce inflation rapidly.



Eliminate all technological ties to China as rapidly as is feasible.

Do not allow China to buy any assets in the United States.

Coordinate with Taiwan on military training and exercises in their region and immediately provide them with as much military equipment and training as possible.

Evaluate our relationship with Ukraine weekly. Monitor possible corruption regarding any equipment or finances provided to them. Assist them as it is in America’s interest.

Provide powerful verbal support for the citizens of Iran. Discontinue negotiations with their leaders on the nuclear issue but draw a bright red line regarding consequences if they continue to move toward a nuclear weapon.



Randomly select five thousand private climate change researchers throughout the U. S. who have received no government subsidies or grants. Provide great detail on their credentials. Publish their climate change findings, including their past and current research and the processes they use in arriving at their conclusions. Each should subsequently provide an optimum cost-effective solution to the situation. Publish all info online to educate the public.



Enact School Choice legislation such that money follows the parents. Implement choices using our free enterprise system to the fullest. Teaching “Woke” behavior and CRT in any school should be banned.

Enforce the First Amendment on speech and religion with no latitude outside of its content.

Ban all woke policies in the military, government agencies, and HR departments.

Deny all abortions with an exception for the life of the mother. Create an extremely efficient process for the possible adoption of babies resulting from rape or incest.

Legislation should be enacted, to prevent indoctrination and sexual mutilation of children and pornographic books and drag queen school hours in school libraries. Biological males at birth should not be able to participate in women’s sports.

Treat trans individuals equally as one should do with all Americans, but as they represent only 1 out of 400 American citizens, do not allow them to dictate rules for the other 399.



Require a voter ID to vote. Use paper ballots only. Have strict rules for mail-in ballots. Eliminate ballot harvesting. Have same-day voting or three-day voting. Consider providing holidays for voting. Enact severe criminal penalties for dishonest behavior in the voting process.


* * *

Ronald Reagan had a very clear picture in his mind of eliminating the threat of the Soviet Union. Having discipline he never wavered although all believed his goal was fanciful and would never be achieved. But it was. On the solutions presented above with a Reagan-like tough conservative president and a better Congress in 2024, in time we can do the same.