Political Education

1956  (Age 11) Hung get-out-the-vote liberty bell shaped door hangers for Eisenhower in boyhood hometown of McDade (pop 250).   Parents voted for Eisenhower.   Mother helped hold the election.   Grandfather did the same in 1902 in Spring, Texas, north of Houston, founded by the Wuensches and four other families in 1845.

1951 to 1963  Family could not afford daily Austin American Statesman newspaper but a sensitive neighbor gave the family old copies of Life magazine.   Life magazine as the early TV of the time was the national establishment media.   In this magazine he learned early of the corruption of those in power when the magazine set up a story of dirt next to pill cases in the office of the doctor who had saved his mother’s life. It did so to successfully drive that doctor out of business.   There was no TV in his home during his high school years.   His father, a conservative with a second grade education, spoke often of the danger of one world government.

1967  Read Newsweek magazine while in graduate school and was fascinated by the upcoming 1968 presidential election between Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey.

1968  Attended a rally for candidate Richard Nixon at the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston’s Herman Park. Nixon gave a speech saying “we need to get people off the welfare rolls onto the payrolls”.   And then flashed his characteristic V sign with arms upraised and waded into the crowd.

1972  Joined Houston Young Adult Republican Club after receiving a flyer on his car at his apartment.   Was one of the more conservative members of the club.   At the time many believed that Steve Munisteri belonging to Young Americans for Freedom was too right wing.  Vern believed otherwise.   Steve Munisteri earlier was the very effective chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, and later served in the Trump White House.   Vern since 1972 has attended ALL Republican Party of Texas conventions except two.  Usually as a state delegate.  He studied politics and worked on campaigns of every type for fifty years to the present day.

1976  Met Ronald Reagan and supported Reagan over Ford.

1980  Supported Reagan over fellow Texan Bush.

1990  Founded Texans for Efficiency in Government,Inc., a non-profit public benefit corporation. The organization is a tax exempt 501c3.   Founded and promoted Business Consensus as a part of this organization focusing on government waste and abuse.

1994  Promoted term limits to reduce the power of the establishment and to create a strong respect for unselfish conservatives after Republicans gained control of Congress.

2003  Founded and promoted Legal Reform–Now! to improve our legal system by reducing the monopoly power of lawyers who today make up 82% of our three branches of government.   Which results in constitutionally designed checks and balances among the three branches to be impossible.

2007  Authored book Overcoming Legal Abuse as an American Entrepreneur chronicling the survival of his small business without a fair functioning legal system although despite this he became Houston’s oldest residential contractor.

2007  Ran for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in a year-long campaign spending 100 days visiting 6,000 businesses in 242 towns in Iowa and New Hampshire emphasizing the overriding importance of the personal qualities necessary to perform the job well.   Placed tenth among serious candidates, spending $36,000.

2011  Ran again for the Republican nomination for President of the United States as a respected candidate in a diverse campaign, again emphasizing the importance of the personal qualities necessary to perform the job well. Placed seventh among serious candidates spending $10,000.

2012  Spoke out to the Houston Metro Board against its attempt to take 25% of the total Houston sales tax revenue which earlier had been allocated to many of the smaller surrounding communities for their own important needs.

2013  Promoted the idea of small business owners running for public office with an article in the Houston Business Journal

2018  Founded RepublicanChoice50.com to be used as a tool in recruiting a Republican farm team to run against incumbent Democrats in races throughout Texas.  The site included county constables thru District Court judges to United States Senators.  A harbinger of things to come of which today the public is quite aware of is that the site was apparently censored by Google.  Although upward to a hundred candidates stepped up to be included it gained little traction or reach.

2020  Knocked on over 10,000 doors for a Congressional candidate in the Republican Primary election that year.

2014 to present  Wrote thirty-two articles from a conservative perspective for ConservativeTruth.org.