Let’s Elect a CONSERVATIVE president!

Let’s elect a CONSERVATIVE President!

We conservatives in our individual states have made great progress and continue to make great progress across America. Let’s continue this in Washington.

When I attended the rally of 11,000 Tea Party conservatives at Sam Houston Park the power and intelligence of the Tea Party movement of which I am a part was happily confirmed.  It had earlier wisely rejected becoming a third party—a feel good gesture which would nevertheless have become fatal to its interests.  Heartwarming too was the large numbers of prolife social conservatives who revealed that they understood that their message and their impact needed to be expanded by also including fiscal issues.

We need to take this attitude and approach to the 2016 presidential election process which is already beginning.

While we will all have very strong feelings about the presidential candidate we prefer, and we will all have even stronger feelings about the principles that person adheres to, in the event he or she does not prevail we MUST support the conservative candidate still in the race whose principles most CLOSELY resembles our own.

The Democrats and the media (am I being redundant?) continually emphasize differences among conservative candidates to create a circular firing squad among them. They have begun this process in the past few days with Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz.  Both have wisely stated their personal beliefs without attacking the other.  Smart.  And a good start.

The preference of the liberal media is that only MODERATE Republicans remain as the final candidates. Voters are then always left with the choice of a liberal Democrat and a moderate Republican nominee.  Liberals know too well that voters who want a liberal president want the real thing—not a Democrat lite.  So they vote for the Democrat and win. And we lose the America we love.

Let us all work as forcefully for our conservative second, third and even forth choice as we will for our first.  Because given the direction this country is going, only a tough, principled CONSERVATIVE will be able to turn it around.

Vern Wuensche win-she

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