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Democrats Use Words As Weapons

It began with the term “Democratic Party”. What is not to like about being democratic? And more recently it has morphed into “Progressives”. What is not to like about progress? From these groups, the answer is everything as they are neither democratic nor progressive.

But despite this, with Democrat toadies in media, academia, and big tech they get away with lies every day. So it makes no sense to watch their propaganda arm in the mainstream media. Watch Fox, OAN, or other conservative sources instead.

Sadly all has happened because we have put up with Democrats’ choice of words to brainwash us for decades. Consider the following . . .

Democrats changed illegal aliens to “noncitizens”  implying it is just a matter of time before they become citizens. If HR1 had passed they will all be citizens with the public having been conditioned that it is the correct thing to do.

Democrats even changed their own “defunding the police” to reimagining the police as the continuing violence in Democrat-run cities was obviously not a good look for them. They like the term reimagine as by its choice it makes them appear more intelligent and superior with better ideas than you and I.

Democrats call all government spending an “investment” while instead engaging in uncontrolled wasteful spending of your tax dollars. Then they were at it again with their hoped for “For the People” bill with its Five trillion dollar price tag. To cover themselves, they present our great free enterprise system as simply the greedy unhelpful pursuit of money. They ignore Adam Smith’s statement about the “invisible hand” which shows that ALL benefit from capitalism.

Democrats steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the word “crises” to describe out-of-control open borders with Covid 19 positive individuals, MS 13 gang members, and sex traffickers streaming through. They ignore the problem and then bus these illegal individuals throughout the country to Congressional Districts and states they need to win in the 2022 election. They know they cannot win without changing demographics and election rules as Americans in large numbers are against them.

Democrats changed from the phrase global warming to “climate change” as their omnipresent focus groups told them to do so even though honest data would show a very small effect if any of humans on the planet in one hundred years.

Democrats are now trying to change the way we address sexes which has not been done in the thousands of years of the earth’s existence. They now insist we use 30 different pronouns to address the sexes although God specifically created only two. The remarkable thing is that anyone puts up with this nonsense.

Democrats now insist we are to refer to the Left’s Progressives as “woke” which implies that those not with their program are asleep and not with it.

But most outrageous earlier was Biden’s press secretary who told Fox’s Peter Doocy that it was irresponsible for him to refer to those Americans and helpful Afghans as “stranded” in Afghanistan. Democrats will never ackwowledge the increasing horror there every day.

Why Democrats are so good at this should be quite apparent. A trial lawyer’s coin of the realm is words. And the Democrat Party is the party of trial lawyers having no values and using words dishonestly. Ninety-five percent of their contributions in 2020 went to Biden. Add infestation of their kind, with their rules in all of our bureaucracies and political offices and their control of our language should be no surprise.

The best solution to all of this is without being offensive is to actively avoid being politically correct in any way. Refuse to use their words or pronouns. Ever!. Make up better ones and use them. Insist on it!