Cuba: We Have Waited for 50 years. Why the Hurry Now?

Fidel Castro over a period of fifty years turned the very nice country of Cuba into a pathetic Communist state.  He now is quite possibly near death.  Six administrations resisted the natural humanitarian urge to make it easier for Cuba’s inhabitants, and instead kept the pressure on Castro to change his ways and allow freedom for all.  As he soon will be gone this could have been possible.

Added pressure was that Russia had withdrawn their support in the 1990s and Venezuela which had supported them for 15 years is now broke.  So they have little support from anyone else and are starved for hard currency.  An increase in our sanctions on them might have been the tipping point for regime change.

So what does President Obama do?  He normalizes our relationship with them allowing greater travel and in so doing provides them with present and future hard currency.  At the same time he insults  Ladies in White who march each Sunday after Catholic Mass in protest of his regime which has imprisoned many thousands of their relatives. His brother Raul quite possibly would behave differently after Fidel was gone so why not wait a short time more. Vern Wuensche  (win-she)

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