For the Good of America We Need Tougher Public Officials

Senator Feinstein recently proved once again that the most important characteristic of any public official is their personal make up.  Senator Feinstein who in the past has been respected by many to be strong on national defense did her reputation significant harm in creating and making public a one sided report on the CIA’s handling of the interrogation of terrorists showing the CIA in a VERY unfavorable light.  Her motivation was apparently that she was deeply offended that her privacy had been violated by the CIA at an earlier time.  Whether her personal pique was justified or not, her responsibility was to the American people in spite of any personal pain it may have caused her.  Politicians should have thick skins which should protect them from the many slights they must endure.  As any person in power must.

But what often happens to those who have held office for a long time is that with all of their sycophants they gain an inflated sense of their own importance and when that is punctured they handle it poorly.  In this instance her lack of toughness damaged the future security of our nation as well as placing employees and assets of the CIA at tremendous risk now and in the future.  Individuals who hold high public office should be extremely tough and should be disciplined enough to put the nation ahead of their own feelings.  To the benefit of all of us.

Vern Wuensche  (win-she)

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