Liberals: Look in the mirror to see the real inequality . . .

Federal Inequality

“Despite long-running problems, the Veterans Administration has fired a grand total of three senior executives for performance in the last five years–one-forth the federal average for terminations. Last year, the Office of Personnel Management disclosed that about 0.47 percent of the federal workforce was terminated for cause, considerably below the 3 percent fired in the private sector. In 2011, USA Today reported that in at least 15 federal agencies, employees were more likely to die of natural causes than be terminated in any given year. It’s not uncommon for federal agencies that employ thousands of people to go an entire year without firing a single employee. Meanwhile, the average federal employee made $126,141 in pay and benefits in 2012, more than double the private sector average.”

Mark Hemingway The Weekly Standard June 9, 2014

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